Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yuntai Park

On the way to Yuntai Park, which is a botanical garden, we passed this wedding car - decked out for the occasion.

Entrance to Yuntai Park

Indoor garden

Koala man, Scott Halloren

Seeking gold fish

Princess Koala, Basha's Mom

Nancy and Eve

Red umbrellas in trees

Eve and Jiejun

Pitcher plant
lures bugs, bugs drown
plant devours bug

Tian, rabbit her sign

Angry Birds

Basha and Jiejun

Best friends, now sisters
Shianna and Basha

Lakeside pavilion

My favorite set of photos


Jiejun and Tian

Tian and Jiejun


Basha and Jiejun

On the island, riding in place

Night beauty

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