Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Friday we visited the  Xiangjang Safari Park, Guangzhou, China.  After ticket purchase and security search - no contraband food other than baby food allowed, one walks a good distance, has opportunity to visit the bathroom and then proceeds to queue for a ride on a tram through a more natural setting of variously divided animals.  Some are recognizable animals while many are not.

Borrowed hat, my safari guide

Sporting someone else's glasses

Next we moved to a wide open area with several animals mixed together where they were free to roam at will.

One big bird sitting on one big nest, 
the egg slightly visible to the right of the bird above the big rock.

Moving to the more restricted area of the safari, we visited the refreshment area where one could purchase drinks, cold stuff on a stick, lamb kabobs.  The cold stuff on a stick one family purchased reminded me of frozen peas but was I suppose some vegetarian fare.  Not my favorite but edible.  I purchased the best tea in a can I've ever had.  It had the right mix to make you want more.

Moving along from there we presently came to the baby house for animals.  We saw baby lions, bear cubs and finally the opportunity for 30 RMB ($5), to feed the baby tiger:

Not as good as the real thing but still a nice picture

Next we moved to where the children could feed giraffes.  This was very nice for all concerned.  For about $1.50 parents could purchase branches of leaves for the children to feed the animals.  The animals were grateful for the food and the squeals of delight from the children made it a fun thing to witness.

Tian and Ryan


Ryan and his Dad


Jiejun, Basha, Veronica (Basha's Mom)

A game of grab the branch if you can 
started with Jiejun and the giraffes

Roxy and Basha

Next we were off to see other animals including this trash can 

Jiejun, Basha and Eve. 

Tian, Ryan and Basha.

Jiejun and Ryan

Jiejun and Eve

Albino kangaroos, baby in pouch

Koala in tree

Koala on head
Tian sporting a new look
She wondered why people were staring:
two reasons, item on head, beautiful girl


  1. Great day - maybe next time we're in China we'll do that!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. Glad you didn't lose anyone there this time! ;)