Saturday, March 24, 2012

Consulate Visit day

Wednesday, 3/21, was our consulate appointment day.  That means that we take an oath before a United States official that we will not abandon or abuse our adopted child.  More papers and signatures and a packet is given to us for immigration so that once that is stamped in our port of entry, our child automatically becomes a US citizen.

Scenes along the way to the American consulate that morning.


After the appointment, 
where no pictures are allowed 
for some nonsensical reason

On the return journey from the Embassy

Since one of our travel group families was leaving that afternoon, we stopped by the China Hotel to bid them leave.  While waiting, I took a picture of this picture in a book about Guangzhou, showing the city at night.

We went out for lunch afterward, to a Lebanese restaurant, which was interesting to say the least, we stopped by the Guangzhou Lamborghini dealership to take a picture or two.  No pictures allowed we were told.  They had three cars - orange, white and gray.  So dissed as we were, we went outside and took pictures anyway.

Who in Guangzhou could afford a $400,000 car is puzzling.  Furthermore, who would want to take such a vehicle onto the streets of Guangzhou?

Sadly because lunch took so long, we missed seeing one family off, but had seen them a tad earlier before lunch.  They were the first family to go home, new daughter to the US.  Bon voyage - Nancy, Roxy and Eve.

Going down for red couch photos - there was no red couch but the best that could be found sufficed.  Here in the hallway outside the Halloran's suite in the China Hotel.

Tian, Scott, Basha, Jiejun, Shianna, 
barely visible Veronica, invisible me.

Basha and Shianna
BFF and now sisters

Adopted everyone
Ryan, Tian, Basha, Jiejun, ?, Shianna, ?

Ryan and  two girls names I don't have 
Tian and Jiejun
Basha and Shianna

Silly face time

Chair fit for a king

or queen

Moving on from the hotel 
Liu Hua Park





Everything comes with rules

Women's room only said - Female
Men apparently need more words

Basha, Shianna, Jiejun

Some pretty yellow tree

Hearts entwined
a picture those who adopt hope for

Children enjoying art

Sunset in Guangzhou 
construction crane and ancient roof 
share in current Chinese culture

Deon - or close enough name of singer who sang 'The Wanderer'.
Nicknamed this by Scott, Jiejun seems to fit this, 
either falling way behind or way ahead in a group setting.

Still, he is our son, I love him.

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  1. Hope your trip home is going well. I am so happy to see the picture of that sign- I kept telling people about the sign that directed people not to "make their nature everywhere" but now I can show them the actual sign... :) With 2 little boys, I might make one for my own bathroom....