Thursday, March 22, 2012

Six Banyan Trees Temple

Later the morning of the 18th we went to the Six Banyan Trees temple.  The six trees died many centuries ago.  The pagoda there is quite old.  In back of that is this large room with three large sitting statues that people come and offer prayers to.  Gifts of food are left.

Nice embroidery

Close up of altar

The Teacher 

Tian and Jiejun

Shianna and Basha

Large wide jade statue

Tian, Tim and Jiejun
my family in China

Look Mom - our new family!
Tian, Basha,  Baba, Jiejun, Eve, Shianna

Don't they look thrilled to be in our family?

Ok, what about in this family?
Shianna, Veronica, Scott, Basha

Scott, our fearless leader

Here's Eve in another family, too!
Roxy, Nancy and Eve

Views on the way back to the hotel, 
a different route, west side of the city

Accidental shot, perfectly framed

Late that afternoon a trip to the fish market 
off the western end of the island.  
Oh the sights we saw, 
until the battery on the camera gave out.

Frogs by the crate load
a frog or two lying squished on the ground

Here a turtle

There a turtle or more


That ended this day

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  1. Morning Tim - what a great trip y'all are having - we do so love GZ!! At the 6 Banyan Temple there was a monk - somewhere between old and historic - who was completely enamored with us and our three adopted - and was insistant on giving us a "blessing" - what the heck - when in Rome right? And afterward the old guy was almost in tears, our guide told us that he was so happy to see such a maker ya know?

    hugs - aus and co.