Wednesday, March 7, 2012


In the wait times, it was time to write - as I had done during Star's adoption, so, too, now in Jiejun's adoption, words came forth to express just what the emotional reaction was to this adoption.

First posted on 27 May 2011 -  

On 4 Jul 1939,  Lou Gehrig, proclaimed that he was "The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth".  I do not claim that.

The royals of England, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Japan and other countries are born to privilege like I will never know.

Yet while not the luckiest man on the face of the earth nor born to privilege, I can say without a doubt, I have been privileged -

- to find a wife who loves me in spite of myself, from a different culture (Midwest versus Deep South), a different language (ditto), a somewhat different mindset (Norwegian / Swedish / German versus Scottish, Irish, English) and a different religious experience (Lutheran versus Baptist / Independent).

- to get under the wire in 2007, to proceed with the adoption of a daughter of China, brought home in 2008.

- to find a son in another country, who brought in Feb 2010 an energy level to our house that was unexpected.  Boys are so different than girls!

- to be given a waiver for age, for us, to bring home another daughter of China in December, 2010,

- to see the need, in a more personal way than from just pictures,

- learning that while Gotcha Day is like no other, so too is Orphanage Visit a day unparalleled,

- to witness how such affected my wife, who has worked with children for her whole career,

- to wonder why this current adoption has not affected me more only to realize that, even now, I / we are privileged to fulfill a child's dream - "admires that others have father and mother and hopes that he can have a warm home early."

That, finally brought out the language I've learned so well in the last two years - the language of tears.

So while I may not live in a mansion, drive ritzy vehicles, enjoy only a few pleasures, all else aside, I am a man privileged.

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