Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goodbye China - Hello America

Shopping Sunday morning after breakfast in an up scale mall in Beijing we ran across this item.  Tian is fussing - come on Dad, take the picture.  My camera had been set on movie style so changing it quickly was not immediately recognized as needed doing.  Since the video had grumbling and less than happy talk on it, visitors will just have to imagine and take the photographic images instead.

So while you can be dissed in Guangzhou's dealership - 
no pictures (inside) one can take a picture of a toy model without grief.

Chinese architecture always amazing

Building inside of building through glass in lower left corner

Lived in look, our room at Poly Plaza Hotel

Scenes in route to airport

Journey to America

Waiting to depart Beijing for Dulles (Washington) flight of 13.5 hours

First picture of the 4 children together 
Tian, Jiejun, Yu-Hsuan, Star
passed out Tian, happy brothers, shy Star

HOME - in my new bedroom
FAMILY - mine

This concludes the travel portion of our adoption of Jiejun.  The blog will continue with life in the USA in his new family in the weeks and months ahead. 


  1. Yeah...welcome home :)


  2. so glad you are all home safe. check your email...i am sending you a picture of tian with the real lamborghini.
    i pray God grants you an easy graft.

  3. My brother - welcome home - may you quickly recover from jet lag - and find that "new normal"!

    Couldn't be any happier for y'all -

    aus and co.