Friday, March 9, 2012

February 2012

The Embassy then began work on issuing a document called Article 5, which basically says, the US Government has examined all the documents associated with our case, agrees with China that said child meets the criteria of the Hague Convention and then the Article 5 is issued and we say goodbye to more money.  This was issued 10 Feb 2012.

Next our paperwork had to go to Beijing to the CCCWA that handles adoption. They must issue a document called Travel Approval (TA), so that one has permission to travel to China to adopt their child.

Holding On

Life, like a river rages,
Tossed about as a toy boat,
Gasping, grasping for certainty,
Where is hope?

Carried by current
Rushing onward, tossed about,
sinking, thinking, is this the end?
Did not think today,
Yet peace prevails.
Holding on to promise.

A lifeline thrown, missed.
Hope rises, another throw,
Caught, holding on, solid.
Rescued. Changed life.

- 19 Feb 2012

New Name

Nameless I came to life,
A name given, lost when abandoned.
Given another name, when found.
Life moved on.

New name, new place
My new identity became me.
Yet without family
Who am I?

A family for me found.
Honoring my life, my existence.
A new name given.
Happy am I, it will I become.

- 19 Feb 2012

TA came from China on 24 Feb 2012. Now the race was on to get an appointment at the American consulate, after which we could make flight and hotel arrangements.

Events of Change

Life oft monotonous,
Comes a whisper of the wind
or sudden thunder clap,
a bolt of lightning.

Surprise, delight or
sorrow, sadness,
comes with such
we have no choice.

React we must,
sometimes overwhelmed
no time to think,
no thought of prayer.

Yet, is not this our
Held accountable to us,
family, God.

- 26 Feb 2012


Flowers bloom, the earth warms,
New life begins, a new child.
Not all by birth, does this happen.
New life begins - adopted.

Soon, travel to you.
We come to meet.
We both are wary, with questions
Learning together to be family.

Transition time,
Life changing,
Letting go, grasping new,
Learning both to be family.

- 26 Feb 2012

After a long weekend and two more days, CA came, scheduled for 21 Mar 2012. To do the things we needed to get done to get to the consulate appointment including Gotcha Day / Forever Family Day, having both parties sign off, approve the adoption, medical exam, TB test and results, one needs to count backward in time from the consulate appointment to determine when one should arrive in China.

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