Saturday, March 24, 2012

Guangzhou Zoo

Tuesday morning, 3/20, we went for breakfast as usual, a free day.  The kids finished earlier and went back to the room and I finished a few minutes later.  Going through the lobby, heading for the street, I saw Connie, our guide from 2010 there.  I went over to say hello.  She said, we're going to the zoo today, would you like to come?  I said sure, let me go get the kids.

Returning a few minutes later, we joined another agency's group of about 4 families and set off for the zoo.  This group included the couple we had met when we arrived in Guangzhou while waiting for our van to take us to the hotel.  This couple, from Florida, adopting their first child at nearly the same age we adopted Tian four years ago.

Four years ago we took this same picture with Tian

Tian and new friend, Paloma

Jiejun and Tian

Now they have two pandas at the zoo, 
100% increase over 2008

Black leopard

Tian, Paloma, Jiejun

Tian, Connie, Jiejun, Paloma

Returning to the hotel where some of the party was staying, 
this is the lobby of the Garden Hotel.

Travel group

States represented - FL, NH, IL, VA, TX and ?

Supper at Lucy's

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