Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beijing - Forbidden City

Arriving in Beijing an hour later than planned, due to being held on the ground in Guangzhou for an hour by air traffic control then waiting another hour for another couple to arrive from Newark, we arrived at our hotel about two hours later than planned.

A gentleman I had spoken to by phone previously, friend to our orphanage director, greeted us as we checked in.  After dumping the bags and freshening up, we met our new friend in the lobby.  A 1.25 mile walk ensued to our place for dinner reservations.  It was the first windy day in Beijing for this season, so it was a brisk walk.

Next came a three hour meal of roast duck and other items - fish soup, a plate of duck bones, ie the leftover after the meat had been cut off for all practical purposes, eggplant, fried rice, pancakes (paper thin to put duck portions, onion and cucumber shreds and sauce in), diced potatoes, fried tofu, and other things I either can't remember or identify.

Jiejun, Leon, Tian

The next day began our whirlwind tour of Beijing starting with Tiananmen Square.  This is one of the two buildings on the south side of the square, the largest open square in the world.

Monument to those lost in 10 major battles in Chinese history


Jiejun and Tian
National Assembly building outside square in the background

National Museum

Southern entrance
Forbidden City
Flag to left, largest Chinese flag in the world

Tiny portion of those waiting to pay respects to Mao's body
Untold thousands waiting in lines that stretched 
around the building supposedly a 40 minute wait

Jiejun and Michael, our guide

Our travel group that day
TN (2), IL, VA, KS and CA represented

Scenes inside first entrance

Inside next courtyard

One of the thrones in the Forbidden City

Next photos by Jiejun
leaning around edge of door to take


Single piece of jade
surrounded by animals in square
protection for the only female emperor of China

View of something
glass reflection makes picture taking hard

One large piece of quartz


Goldfish in shade of bridge

Building on top of hill created by waste material 
from building of Forbidden City

Northern entrance Forbidden City

Street scenes near Forbidden City

Next, we started a one hour drive for lunch to be followed by a visit to the Great Wall.

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