Friday, March 9, 2012

January 2012

Next the paperwork moved to the National Visa center where something is done and then they send a letter via email - although it is called - cabling (talk about old fashioned terminology).  This informs the American Embassy in Guangzhou, that we had been approved by the US Government and that a file number had been added to our case.  This document was issued on 6 Jan 2012.

Sometime in January, quite by accident I discovered we had photos of Jiejun that the orphanage director had sent us back in 2009.  These were pictures that predated his referral pictures of April 2010.  These photos taken 25 Sep 2007.

Tian - 3rd from left, Jiejun - far right

Tian - 3rd from left, Jiejun - 5th from left

Roommate - now in USA, Mrs. Tang, Tian, friend - in China, Jiejun


Alone, needing everything,
shelter, food, clothing, love.
Will someone care
to rescue me?

Time flows onward,
Day by day, week by week
Unending, no change
Hope flickers.

One day, news comes,
someone cares for me.
Someone wants me.
How can that be?

Far away are they from me,
they come for me with open arms.
Giving love and all I need.

- 29 Jan 2012

Second Home

Timeless you seem.
Coming without expectation
Discovering your wonders
Different yet appealing.

Coming again to you.
Realizing your power
Over time and heart
You are my second home.

Leaving again,
to my first home.
Tears come.
You have my heart.

Coming once again to you
Realizing I must leave.
Missing you before I come.
I love you China.
My second home.

- 29 Jan 2012

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