Thursday, March 8, 2012

November Update

We requested an update since the last word and pictures we had were from January. We asked 28 questions. Some of those questions and answers -
  • What is his favorite food?   His favorite foods include chicken, dessert, spicy foods and snacks. He also likes all kinds of foods made of flour.
  • Does he have any fears?  No.
  • How would you describe his personality?  He is active and outgoing.
  • What are some of his favorite activities?  He likes sports and he likes to play the skateboard and draw.
  • Does he have a favorite color?  His favorite color is blue.
  • How much English is he able to speak?  He can say simple daily English.
  • Does he attend school every weekday?  Yes. He goes to a public school outside the orphanage.
  • What grade level is he currently? He is in Grade 4 now and his school records are very good.
  • What is his strongest subject in school (math, science, reading...)? He is good at Chinese and maths.
  • Does he keep the same friends for a long time? Yes.
  • Does he have a quick temper? Is yes, how long does it take him to calm down?   Yes, he has a quick temper, but he will calm down soon (usually in half an hour).
  • Does he have friends of all ages, including adults? Yes.
  • If he does something wrong and is corrected, how does he react?  He often follows others’ advice or instructions and is willing to correct his mistakes.
  • How long did he live in his foster home? He lives in the foster home for more than one year. He entered the foster home at 9 years old.
  • How does he let someone know he cares about them? He will express his affections through actions and words.
  • If he is upset, does he keep it to himself or does he seek out someone to talk to? Sometimes he will stay alone and at other times he will talk to others.
  • Does he give and receive affection? Yes, but he is a little shy. (If you kiss him, he will be very shy. You can give him hugs.)
  • How does he best receive praise? (ie: verbal recognition, physical affection, material reward, etc)  He likes both verbal recognition and material reward.
  • Is there anything else you would like to tell us about him? Jie Jun is an active and outgoing boy. He has many hobbies. He likes to read comics, play the skateboard. He also likes handcraft and sports. He is clever and he likes to draw. He likes to learn to play musical instruments. He is learning to play the piano and jazz tomtom now. They believe he will grow into a productive young man with proper instructions and nurturing.
 Six pictures were also included and of course they were golden!

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  1. YAY for updates! Such a nice gift to receive. :)