Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gotcha - A day like no other

Words are often a poor expression of the depth of emotion that this day brings.  Even as it is happening it appears to be like several tracks running in parallel for many areas of the heart, mind and soul are touched by this event.  Past, present and future all come into play not only for us the parents but so to for the child, their caregivers - everyone involved, whose heart is open.  The joy, sadness, hope, sorrow all intermingled truly reveal that this day is like no other.

We had arrived the night before, 11 pm to our spacious hotel room consisting of a glass enclosed bathroom that is to die for - deep bathtub and exquisite shower, closet, fridge and coffee / tea maker.  A small lattice partition to the room, two full? beds and a divan on the side; a small balcony looking at another building but from the right side we can see the quiet tree lined street.  Tian and I both were thrilled to be on the island once more, where we've now been three times, twice now on this same floor of the Victory's west building.

Up with a wake up call - though not really needed - at 630, we were off for breakfast in the East building at 730.  Breakfast held few surprises, the decor slightly different than in 2010, yogurt no longer part of breakfast, but still ample food - bacon so much better than USA bacon, fresh eggs, short order grill, I love the ham omelets.

Moving on, trying to keep the butterflies away, we went across the street to one of the banks next to each other.  We were told the Bank of China next to the White Swan is closed now, so there is little choice.  We used both my passport and Tian's.  Apparently it did not matter what her age was.  Exchanging $6700 US into Chinese RMB where the biggest bill is a 100 RMB (about $13) one ends up with wads of paper or about 40,000 RMB.

Back to the hotel, to place the money in our room safe, a dash around the corner to Starbucks for lunch.  There we met a couple with their tiny little girl.  They were from Chicago, heading out the next day via train to Hong Kong and then after another day, home.

The group got together at the China Hotel, about 4 miles from here around 2 pm.  In our travel group, a Mom and 11 year girl from Minnesota adopting a 8 yo girl; a couple from Connecticut adopting a 13 yo girl and a 10 yo girl.  All three girls from Shenzhen SWI and us.

The drive was interesting because for us it was a different route, our third time to Civil Affairs office in 4 years.  Finally on that street, familiar signs of the Hardware store among other things signaled we were nearly there.

It was cold and breezy so moving into the building and up to the 8th floor quickly was a blessing.  We turn out of the elevator to our left, a 15 foot walk into the receiving room.  We see the couches across the room, that we know so well then suddenly to our left, there is the director of the Foshan-Nanhai SWI and our son!

This Gotcha Day became unique in that there was no formal introduction, he was just there.  He appears at first glance smaller than I had anticipated next to adults.

There are no pictures for this because we met face to face so fast there was no time to think of such. We exchanged hugs with the director, Tang.  Then Jiejun says to me - Hello, how are you?  in perfect English.  Words cannot describe that moment.

First photo Jiejun and Tian

Brother and sister

Jiejun, Tian and SWI director Tang

A video no less!

Tian and Tang, together again

Candid photos by Tian

First family photo


  1. Congratulations Tim. What a happy day!

  2. wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! :)

  3. Amazing. Once again. Enjoy the moment.

  4. Awesome!! What a beautiful family!!! You are so blessed!!!

  5. Congratulations! Thank you to let us be part of your journey!

  6. What a handsome young man! Thanks for allowing us to hitch a ride on your trip!

  7. Oh how wonderful that it went so smoothly. Praying for the rest of your trip:)

  8. YAY! So happy for you! What interesting is how much they look like blood siblings. The other thing I noticed, was how he is definately your son! In the last two pics you both have the same pose. haha
    Praying for you all!

  9. oh happy day!!
    such a handsome son!
    what a day made in heaven

  10. HOORAH -

    Hey Bro - It's a boy!! Congratulations - a fine young man!!

    May the rest of your trip go as happily!

    hugs and prayers - aus and co.

  11. we are so blessed to share in your joy. thank you for being part of ours too. may God bless this son with faith, strength, joy, and success.

  12. Sounds like the corner room at the victory :) looking over the starbucks! I did enjoy our big room there last year! Have fun Tim! Your son is beautiful! Terry

  13. Congratulations on your family addition, a handsome one he is:) You are blessed!
    Min sibs momma

  14. Oh Tim and family, so very happy for you with your new son!