Sunday, April 8, 2012

First weeks of Family

When I first came to my family in America, I had trouble seeing very far without squinting.  Things at a distance were fuzzy, so I squinted a lot.  This is how the world may have looked to me.

Before I left China, Mama made an appointment for me to see an eye doctor.  While my world was not black and white, but in color, glasses gave me clarity, unknown to me in China for a long time.  Sporting goofy glasses with Dad and my new brother, Yu-Hsuan.

Then came a day for dressing up, family pictures.  Early morning, we went to a large building with loud music, some people on a stage in the front playing instruments and singing.  Part of the time the people around me, including my family sang songs from words on a paper or on screens on the wall.

This lasted about an hour and afterward, Mom and I rode in Mom's Blazer home.  We went one way while Dad, Tian, Yu-Hsuan and Star went another as we wondered who would get home first.  Mom and I turned the corner near the house and saw Dad's car coming from the opposite direction.  Dad turned into our street first but we were close behind.

Mom and the kids

The kids and Dad (who does not look too good)

King of my hill

My family, all six of us!