Thursday, March 8, 2012

25 Sep 2011

Orphan's Cry

My child says - no mama, no daddy
in the world alone
floating with the wind.
Anchorless on the sea of life.

My desire, love all my own.
Is there anyone for me?
Will someone claim my heart,
a sweet love for me?

Does anyone hear?
Does anyone care I exist?
Please, O please, I want the love of
a family.
Perhaps yours?

Pearl River

Flowing mighty and gently both
time means nothing
ever flowing humanity views
my banks teeming with activity.

Flowing on past buildings
come and gone
My waters filled
no longer pretty
yet my spirit remains.

Guangdong transected
Beauty remains
harder to see
I am the Pearl.

China I serve
Welcome world
I am the Pearl.

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  1. I love the photograph at the top of your blog!