Thursday, March 8, 2012

October 2011

Yet, Still Waiting

Yet, indicating more,
your children still
Waiting to come home.

How sad to hear,
somewhere a child waits
for me to find.

O let me seek them now,
I would not wish to see them
Wait another day, no hope,
no joy, no family.

Dear God have mercy on these that wait.
Wrap your arms around
them, comfort them,
until we find them,
bring them home.

- 2 Oct 2011


Waiting on distant shore,
Unaware a family pursues,
My heart aches to say,
Dear child you have a family.

Without a family so long,
Missing love
My heart aches to say,
Women ai ni.*

Waiting, waiting
Both are waiting
the unknown stands between us.
My heart aches to know you.

One day, Gotcha Day,
family day, your day.
Arms wrapped around,
My heart aches to say,
I love you, my son.

- 9 Oct 2011

* Chinese - we love you.

A Father's Love

Daughter, my precious one,
How I wish you knew
All my heart for you to know?

How much joy you bring
Underlying all.

Son, my daring one,
How courageous you are,
As the years unfold
May you not lose such.
Proud to call you son.

Daughter, who grabbed my heart
Tenacious was the bond,
That held us together.
Expressing love as you learn

Son, to fulfill your wish for
My greatest privilege,
May I not fail you.
Even though we're yet to meet,
I love you, my son.

- 9 Oct 2011


In season, out of season,
constant remaining - love.

Spring comes, life buds,
tender shoots, gaining strength.
Sudden trauma, tossed aside.
Distant seems - love.

Summer begins, a breath of growth,
flourishing yet adrift.
Hope dawns - possibilities
Someone cares - showing love.

Fall comes with crisp air,
Summer fades.
Stirring yet love's embers glow,
Stepping forward in love.

Winter comes, cold and brooding
time slows, days stretch.
Pining love, distant seems,
Love endures.

Spring comes, new life comes,
Arms embrace,
Family created
Constant remaining - love.

- 16 Oct 2011

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  1. Have a great trip Tim !!

    God bless you and your ever expanding family :)

    Lee Ann