Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Prayer

December 11, 2010 - We left our hotel in Guangzhou close to 5 am, driven to the airport by van with a couple from California, leaving at nearly the same time for our flights to Beijing.  Arriving in Beijing around 11 am, we moved through the system and lifted off from Beijing around 1 pm.

As our plane climbed into the sky tears formed in my eyes as many thoughts rushed through -

- for my daughters leaving their homeland once and twice
- for the children we had met, who had no known family coming for them

Later I was moved to write several pieces for China tugs at my heart.  Among them was a prayer, written not so God can remember it but that I can - on our flight home from Beijing to New York, for it is my heart's throb.

Dear God,

There are two children on my mind, a 7 yo girl in Wuhan and a 10 yo boy in Guangdong.  Could one or both come to our family?  I know that you already know our future and we don't and that is best.

But Lord I know that these precious children you love need the love of a family. My prayer is that whatever your will  for these 2 precious little ones that you will meld my heart to accept it.  If one or both or neither is to be with us I pray for their sake that such be revealed soon.

I pray that you will also speak to Ellen, who has seen the need first hand.

Please lead and direct me in the future endeavors and I seek to follow your will for us - at home, at work to be witness of your love.

But Lord, most especially I pray for the children of China and Taiwan - that those who call you Father will step up and answer the call of the orphan.