Friday, March 16, 2012

I wish to be adopted

After a child comes to an adoptive family, the first day is called the Harmonious Period, during which the family and the new child interact.  At the end of that period, we go back to the Civil Affairs Office.  There we are asked if we are happy with the child, still wish to adopt him or her.  If that is answered in the affirmative, the child, if over a certain age is asked the same thing and if they answer in the affirmative, then they are shown where to sign their name.

Waiting for other families to come downstairs
The China Hotel

Civil Affairs Office 
waiting for paperwork
with other families

Moving on to the 9th floor

Our turn finally came, the usual questions for me - does this boy meet your expectations?  Yes.  Why did you come to China to adopt?  Will you promise never to abuse or abandon him?  Yes

Then it was his turn, I could not understand what was asked or answered until the point of sign your name here if you wish to be adopted.  He has such neat handwriting and with that signature, he officially became ours.  I must leave this here because words fail to express adequately that moment.  Only those who have experienced this can understand.

Four adoptees, three girls from the same orphanage to  
two families and our son, huddling around two portable games.

Tian, our first, who gained a brother and 
Roxy, friend from this trip, who gained a sister.

Four less orphans, now with families.

Next it was off to the world of Walmart - China style.  The plaza presented the biggest ring I believe I've ever seen.

Walmart - China style

Given free reign, within reason, to purchase something for himself - he got himself a yo-yo and some army men in a little plastic container.  However, he was much more interested in buying stuff for his friends left behind, three girls and a boy.  How sweet was that?

The goods available like nothing I've seen in any USA Walmart

Everyone's favorite - chicken feet!

A swim in the China Hotel's heated pool

Tian and Roxie

Another swimming video

Interior floor of China Hotel
where the other families are staying


  1. Wonderful. So glad to see that it looks like it's going very well.

  2. We to were at the china hotel in Dec. I gotta say I am shedding tears Tim. I LOVE watching all children unite with their families BUT especially the older children.
    So happy tonight for your family....
    Thank you for allowing me to follow along. Praying for easy transitioning for you and safe travels home.